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Chorley Couch To 5K

Chorley Couch To 5K is a group set up from the NHS scheme ‘Couch To 5K’. It’s a programme over 9 weeks that aims to get you off the couch and running 5K!

I joined Chorley Couch to 5K last October in Week 7, therefore, I had to run for 25 straight away without stopping. It was really hard but I stuck with it and completed the 5K run. I knew because I’d joined Couch to 5K late that I had not given myself the best opportunity so I decided to do Couch again, this time from beginning to end. Unfortunately, on Monday I injured my knee in the run so was unable to do the celebration run on Saturday.

Chorley Couch to 5K started on the first Saturday of the year, 5th January. By participating in all 3 runs each week gradually I have noticed a considerable improvement in myself which I never thought I’d ever see. Everyone is so friendly and supportive and it’s the people around you that gives you the motivation. I never thought I’d be able to run for 30 minutes comfortably and then be shocked when the time was up and feel like I could’ve gone on for longer. I really am gutted I was unable to participate in the final 5K run.


Chorley Couch to 5K is run by volunteers, Nathan Kellie is the leader of Group 3, he joined the Couch to 5K programme in 2017.

“I have been through the course as a participant, volunteer and now a group leader.

It is inspirational seeing people going from not being able to run for one minute- to running 5K – to running marathons!

It is phenomenal what you can achieve if you give something a go. Chorley Couch to 5K has changed my life massively, and I love seeing how it changed other people’s. It’s suitable for all abilities – our new programme begins on Saturday 11th May.  Come and give it a go. You will not regret it.”

The Chorley Couch to 5K have different groups depending on your running experience, and if running really isn’t for you, there’s also a power walking group.

Without the people, Couch to 5K wouldn’t be what it is, from the volunteers to the participators, all everyone wants is to support each other. Here’s a few quotes from both volunteers and participators.

If I can do it... anyone can!

See below for the full 9 week schedule.

Once the Chorley Couch to 5K is finished you can join it again in it’s next programme, there are 3 programmes a year. The next one begins on Saturday 11th May.

In the mean time, there are Maintenance Groups and other progressions groups which you can join.

You can find information about Chorley Couch to 5K and everything else I’ve mentioned in this post on the Chorley Couch to 5K Facebook page.

Happy Running!

Steph x


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